Meet Senior Decision Makers & Influencers From:

North America and European OEMS including:

  • General Motors
  • Aston Martin
  • Ford Motors Company
  • Subaru
  • Hyundai Kia
  • Faraday Future
  • FCA Mexico
  • Toyota North America
  • and many more

Tier One and Technology Providers Of:

  • Adhesives
  • Composites
  • Aluminium
  • SPRs
  • Fasterners/Bolts
  • Welding
  • Interior Design
  • Closure Systems
  • Magnesium Die Cast
  • Material Performance
  • Software Solutions
  • FEA
  • CAD
  • VSA
  • Component Optimization
  • Automotive Components
  • Advance Engineering
  • Coating
  • Resins
  • Surface Treatment Products
  • Simulation
  • Modeling
  • Validation
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Safety
  • Joining
  • Fatigue Resistance
  • Big Data
  • High Performance Computing

Meet Senior Decision Makers From International OEMs With The Following Job Titles:

Directors, Chiefs, Heads of, Supervisor, Managers And Specialists In The Following Areas:

  •     Lightweighting
  •     Lightweight Design
  •     CAE
  •     Virtual Design
  •     Staff Researcher
  •     Material Scientist        
  •     Technical Specialist
  •     Technical Lead
  •     Structural Analysis
  •     Simulation
  •     Modeling
  •     Mechanical Design
  •     R&D
  •     Materials
  •     Crashworthiness
  •     Vehicle Safety
  •     Simulation Technical
  •     FEA
  •     Metallic Materials
  •     Safety Performance
  •     Vehicle Engineering
  •     Concept Development
  •     Durability
  •     NVH
  •     Virtual Simulation
  •     Data Scientist
  •     CAE Modeling
  •     Crash Safety
  •     Advanced Vehicle
  •     Group Engineering
  •     Body Structures
  •     Lightweight Construction 
  •     Vehicle Weight
  •     Composites
  •     Polymers and Fluids
  •     Materials Concepts
  •     Lifecycle Assessment
  •     Sustainability


Gain Insights From Leading OEMs On Current Methodologies For Modeling And Simulation Of Adhesive Joints And Composite Materials

Modelling and simulation of lightweight materials & bonding joints can be an expensive process at design stage. Building prototypes and testing in a crash scenario is both time consuming and costly. Thus, it is imperative for OEMs to discover new methodologies to help to reduce the gap in simulation results and physical testing data.

New Methodologies For Modeling, Simulation And Testing Congress 2017 will be taking place in Detroit, Michigan on July 26-27  2017. The event will showcase over 20+ methodologies from leading OEMs, CAE experts and material experts to help you streamline your modeling and simulation processes to achieve overall cost efficiency at vehicle design stage :

*    Reduce The Number Of Physical Tests To Minimize Design Stage Costs By Determining The Outcome Of Composite Material Properties And Adhesive Joint In Modeling And Simulation.
*    Improve The Predictability Of Fracture/Failure By Effectively Modelling Adhesive Mixed-Material Joining Characteristics

*    Building Material Cards For Improving Accurate Modeling Results In Real-Time Situations To Reduce The Number Of Actual Physical Tests Required

*    Exclusive Focus On Simulation of Adhesive Joining. Full comprehension of adhesive joints in linear and non-linear simulation scenarios

*    Learn Current Best Practices For Building Composites And New Metal Material Cards For CAE Simulation

*    Upgrading Current Metallic CAE Model For Better Prediction. Analyze your current metallic material models and discover innovative solutions on how to increase their capacity to improve prediction failure modes.

Day 1: Improve Accuracy In Modeling And Simulation For Composites And Adhesive Joining

Reducing The Gap Between Simulation Result And Physical Testing To Improve Cost Efficiency At Design Stage And Gain Accurate Prediction:

Case Studies And Presentations Focusing On:

    *    How To Successfully Model Adhesive Joints
    *    Predictive Simulation Of Adhesive Joints In A Crash Scenario
    *    Discover OEM Test Campaigns For Material Cards
    *    Addressing The Complexity in Simulation Of Composite Material

Day 2: Increase Accurate Prediction Of Failure For Metallic Material & Eliminate External Factors Affecting Simulation Data Of Welding And Fasterners

Adopting New Technologies And Best Practice Case Studies For Metallic Material And Discover Solutions To Challenges In:

    *    Accurately Understanding Forming Limit Of Aluminum
    *    Successfully Modeling UHSS Structure Failure
    *    Modeling And Simulation Behavior Of SPRs From Component To Full Car Level
    *    Predicting Spot Weld Failure In A Simulation

                     What Sets GALM Above the Rest?

The 14th event in the GALM global series, our extensive work with over 40 OEMs, software experts and material suppliers has led us to identify and understand the latest challenges facing the automotive industry and deliver a practical agenda tailored to tackle these challenges in modeling and simulation.

Running across three continents and supported by over 1700 global delegates, 160 exhibitors and combining over 1300 hours of OEM-led presentations over the last 5 years, the GALM series is proud to announce its first conference specifically developed for modelling, simulation and crash safety experts.


galm intelligence


The Only OEM-Led Event Focusing On:

Bringing Together Case Studies And Methodologies To Address Complex Material Cards, Accurately Predict Material Failure, Reduce Testing Costs And Increase Overall Efficiencies.

Built on the back of a successful 2016 event, this year's congress takes a more direct route to assist CAE, Virtual Design, Crashworthiness and Safety Engineers with exclusive case studies and methodologies to solve current challenges. Over two full days, this event will examine modeling and simulation aspects of: Adhesive Joints, Composite Materials, Metallic Materials and Mix-joining Techniques.

Unique to this congress:

Building Material Cards

All participants will have the opportunity to closely examine material property cards for both composite and metallic materials.  Led by expert OEM engineer's case studies, the journey will take participants from physical testing stage all the way to evaluating the simulation effect of composite material cards.   

Unique Perspective From Aerospace Engineering

Automotive and Aerospace engineering have mutually beneficial expertise that can be applied to both parties. Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate the modeling and simulation methodologies from Aerospace engineering and apply the essence to your practical work.

Comprehensive Understanding Of Adhesive Joints

Participants at the event will benefit from a detailed understanding of current best practises in modeling and simulation of adhesive joints. As composite materials use is fast becoming more prominent to meet light weighting requirements in the industry, understanding the behaviour of adhesive bonding solution in a simulation will help to reduce the overall cost at vehicle design stage.

Better Prediction Of Welding And SPRs

The congress will address the cost-benefits of the industry's best solutions in modeling and simulation of mixed joining techniques to better predict fatigue and fails: Welding, SPRs, Fasteners and Bolts.

Exclusive Workshops

Due to high demands we are also providing two exclusive pre-congress interactive workshops dedicated to addressing the problems of modeling adhesive joints and building material cards. 


live streaming


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